Humanity is on the brink of collapse, it is time for action!

Athanaeum! The Combine has breached our perimeter with a massive fleet. You have prepared your entire life for this moment. Now is the time to join our cause!

It will take courage, strength, and above all the grit to fight an unstoppable enemy. The greatest war the stars have ever seen has begun. Take your side and become a part of the next epic Sci-Fi adventure.

Our Ancestors spread out among the stars. Four-centuries later the descendant factions of humanity, threaten collapse again…

As factions rise against each other, space holds far more mystery than any know. Horrors exist in those deep and unexplored folds of space. They have been lying in wait… watching… and hungry.

Apocryphon-Cycle: The Game
An unprecedented game of adventure!

The Apocryphon Cycle is a combination first person shooter, space-sim and multiplayer online role playing game. The speculative science fiction gives us a potentially real-life glimpse into the future of human civilization amongst the stars.

The Apocryphon Cycle is a fully immersed plot. Much like alliances and power-grabs among the factions, the game is in a constant state of change. Players battle in space and ground combat which affects current and future installments of the game.

Apocryphon Cycle incorporates – FPS, SpaceSim, MMO into an Open Persistent World. With space to ground combat all in one universe.

As a gamer, you take control of your own destiny with the fate of the worlds resting on your shoulders.

In the world of Apocryphon Cycle the savior of humanity rests on the shoulders and skills of a young pilot – JonLuk

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Apocryphon Cycle is more than just a game. It is a world of good vs. evil vs. the ultimate evil. Accompanying the game is a world of lore created and immersed within the first trilogy of books to further develop the backdrop of the game, its characters and worlds.

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About Apocryphon Cycle

The Apocryphon Cycle is the brain-child of John Sikalias. It was developed as the ultimate in science fiction gaming experiences where the players are not only participating in a predestined world, but also creating an interactive world of their own. From characters to exploration, you can fight to save humanity, jump into a free-for-all battle, or sneak off on your own missions to grow your skills and discover the vast world of The Apocryphon Cycle on your own. Whether you prefer single player or multiplayer this game and the world were designed with the player in mind.

Players are on the frontline of action as factions battle each other in both space and ground combat. The Apocryphon Cycle is a fully immersed plot and much like alliances and power-grabs among the factions it is in a constant state of change. This political motivation will drive the game and future installations, offering a familiar view of real-world human interaction despite the futuristic environment.

The Company: J&J Productions Inc.

Apocryphon Cycle is foremost an independent gaming production. However, with available merchandise, books, and future media the group is expanding into a major franchise.